Meaning and usage of the Trash can feature of tasks on SEOSPRINT

Trashing of tasks is another one of the tools presented in the SEOSPRINT project and aimed at making the work of performers more pleasant and productive. Using the trash can in your work will not increase your income, but your actions will become more orderly, it will make it easier and faster to find some tasks that you would otherwise spend longer looking for. Therefore, you will spend less time searching for one individual task and will be able to do more, or you'll extra time to rest.


What is the benefit of using a Trash can

If you are just starting to work on SEOSPRINT and the number of tasks you perform is not very large yet, then you may not see much point in using a Trash can. But over time, you will understand the full benefits of this tool.


If you perform tasks regularly, and multiple times a day, among them some will not be interesting for one reason or another. Nevertheless, with daily work, these sites will constantly catch your eye. Therefore, you will have to spend time viewing them, as it is simply impossible to keep in mind all the tasks that you have viewed. This is a waste of time, it may cause irritability, and as a result, a decrease in your income.


So, in order to save you from such inconveniences, we have created the Trash can tool. Its main task is to save you from the constant appearance in the list of tasks offered to you of those that you have already viewed, and that you are not interested in.


Options for using the Trash can

You can send any task to the Trash can, on any page in the section Earnings > TASKS > MY WORK. The reasons can be different, here are some examples:

  1. You did not like the design of the task (illiterate, incomprehensible, etc.).
  2. The price does not correspond to the volume of the requested work.
  3. Too hard for you.
  4. There is a misunderstanding between you and the customer who posted the task.

There might also be other reasons why you would not like to face a certain task in the near future.


How to send a task to the Trash сan

In order to send any task to the Trash can, look at its plate (a highlighted rectangle, which reflects all the data about the task). In the lower right corner, under the information about the cost of the task, there is a trash can icon. Click on it and the quest will be sent to the Trash can.

That's it, now this task will not come across to you on a single page while working. This quest can still be seen in the Trash can section, which you can access by going to: Earnings>MY JOB>TRASH CAN.


How to return a task to the general list

In the process of work, there comes a time when you have gained some experience with tasks, and some of the tasks that you didn’t like before and you thought were difficult, you would now like to complete. From the Trash can you can "bring them back to life" in one click, and then execute them. And you don't need to look for them for a long time.


Going to the Trash can section, you simply click on the ring icon with an arrow (located in the same place where the trash can icon was before sending the task to the Trash can), and it is sent to the general list.

You don't have to return the task to the general list, you can complete the task directly from the Trash can.



The Trash can may not be the most important tool in the work of performers, but it is very convenient and will help you organize your work more rationally. It will help reduce the access time to tasks of interest to you and, as a result, will contribute to achieving more meaningful success in the work on the project.