Blogs and publications

A lot of people have in common. These may be common interests and goals, a business, or simply a desire to expand their borders. SEOSPRINT provides all the necessary technical capabilities. Each participant can start a blog or even several blogs on various topics. Blogging is an opportunity to express your thoughts, share experiences, tell about your adventures, declare your business, product, brand. Through blogs, you can provide technical assistance to your referrals and customers, share news and more. Visitors can rate publications, leave comments and subscribe to blogs. The more popular your publications, the more popular you are, the more popular the product or service described in the publication, the more recognizable the company or brand, etc.

How to create your own blog?

First, check out the rules for posting. They are few, but they are still there. Publications created with violations will be returned for revision or blocked. Regular violations can completely block the ability to create your content.
publications_rules 1. Select the menu Feed → My Blogs 2. Press the "New Blog" button

In the editor, think up interesting heading for your new blog, decide on the topic and choose the most suitable category. Compose a blog entry. It is not necessary to write a lot here. These are just introductory words to interest the reader. You can use illustrations.

In the additional parameters of the editor, you can set the "targeting" - determine the parameters of the audience to which your new blog will be available. For example, you can create an exclusive blog only for your referrals. After the publication of the blog, you can see the creation of their hands. You will be able to observe the number of your subscribers. You can also change the text and parameters of the blog at any time or completely delete it. Fine! Your first blog is ready. But it is still completely empty. It's time to fill it with publications.

How to create blog posts?

1. Select the menu Feed → My blogs 2. Select a blog from the list where you want to add the publication and press the button "New publication".

In the editor fill in the subject and text of the article. You can use illustrations. Blog posts are beautifully designed using title pictures. You can select a picture in the "Title image". By default, a thematic image is used that matches the theme of your blog. But you can also select the "First image from text" item. In this case, if there are images or screenshots in your publication, then the first image found in the publication text will be selected for the title image.

In the "Allow commenting" item, you can limit the number of readers who are allowed to leave comments, or you can disable commenting altogether. All of these settings are valid only within a specific publication. Publish a post. See the result. You can always change the text or recording settings or delete the recording altogether.

Perfectly! There are already posts on your blog. This is a complete blog, albeit a small one. Keep filling your blog with fresh posts. And let your readers appreciate your work. Remember to follow your blog. You are his moderator.

Life hack on the use of images in publications

The standardly downloaded images are small preview images that, when clicked, open a large original. But did you know that such standard behavior can be changed?

"Wide" mode: Add the letter "w" at the end of the picture identifier number 112233w and the picture will stretch as much as possible widely in readable area. This will make your publications more expressive. It is better not to use this option if there are a lot of pictures and these are not picturesque landscapes or sparkling gadgets. Not everyone likes to look at a series of large screenshots.

"Unvisible" mode: Add the letter "u" at the end of the picture identifier number 112233u and the picture will become invisible . Who needs invisible pictures? This may come in handy if you have selected the option “Title image” → “First image from text”, but do not want this image to be visible in the text of the publication.


As my blogs will see others

There is a “natural” and “accelerated” way to make your publications popular. All new publications automatically appear in the public "Feed". Each user sees and reads this Feed. Your subscribers can see live updates of your blogs in the menu "Feed" → "My Subscriptions". And the more subscribers, the better. Your referrals will additionally see a list of your blogs configured for referrals only. In addition, a list of all your blogs is always displayed on the wall of your profile, accessible to all users.

Significantly accelerate the progress of the blog by standard means of promotion on SEOSPRINT: post a link to the entire blog or a separate publication in surfing, quests, tasks, or in contextual advertising. It is paid and it is fast. As the saying goes: "Time is money." You can save a lot of time for money.

And most importantly - write interestingly! And the reader will not be long in coming.