How to add a task to your favorites

You have completed the task, you liked it and you would like to complete it in the future. But constantly looking for it in the general list of tasks is not very convenient and time consuming. The solution is to mark the task as a Favorite and then find it in a couple of clicks.


The meaning of the "Add Tasks to Favorites" function

The main purpose of the function is to save you time. By adding a task to Favorites, you can easily find it in the tab: EarningsMY JOBFAVORITES:

This function is also useful if you liked the task, but you do not have the opportunity to complete it right now. By gradually adding tasks to the Favorites section, you can create your own selection of tasks that are suitable for you to complete.


In the section itself, you can distribute tasks into different categories. If you add them in advance, assigning names that are understandable to you, then later, when adding them, you can immediately indicate to which category a certain selected task should be assigned to. And this, in turn, will help to organize your work well.


How to add a task when it's open

Let's see how in practicality a task is added to the Favorites section. For example, you have selected a task from the general list, clicked on it, thereby opening it.


When the task is open, you must click on the gray asterisk, as shown in the illustration:

The asterisk turns green - this means the task has been added to Favorites.

In order to remove a task from Favorites - you must click on the star. It will turn gray.


How to add a task when it is in the general list

If you want to add a task from the general list to your Favorites, then you need to click on the gray star in the lower left corner of the block of this task.

The asterisk turns green - the task is now assigned to Favorites.


How to categorize favorite tasks

For convenience, all selected tasks can be sorted throughout folders. As an example, you can divide tasks by the following parameters:

  • expensive or simple, cheap tasks;
  • a certain category;
  • for referrals.

To create a category, you first need to add at least 1 task to your favorites. After that, click on the "+" sign:

A dialog box will appear, in which you must specify a name convenient for you, and click Add:

After, the window will close and a folder with the name of the new section will appear.

After you create the folders you need for sorting tasks, when you click the asterisk, you will have the opportunity to choose a general list or some kind of folder.

Having formed your list of favorite tasks, you can share them with your friends or referrals on the project to increase their earnings. You can read about this in more detail in the article - selection of tasks


Usage example

The Favorites function is very useful for reusable tasks that have a small interval between repetitions:

  1. Create a folder with a name, for example, Simple Clicks.
  2. Find reusable tasks that can be completed every 24 hours.
  3. Add them to this folder.
  4. Complete these tasks every day.

Since all these tasks are familiar to you, it will take much less time to complete them.


By default, the Favorites show all the tasks you have selected, regardless of whether they are available at the moment or not. You can immediately select only available tasks by moving the slider as shown in the figure below:


Let's summarize

Use the asterisk to add the tasks you like to Favorites. This is great, for it saves you time and effort while searching for assignments. Your time is your earnings on the SEOSPRINT project.