Why is my task not being completed?

One of the main ways to promote advertising products on the SEOSPRINT project is to create tasks. Their placement is the most effective way to attract the attention of users who will visit your sites and participate in your projects. Each customer wants his tasks to be completed, be in demand and be of most influence.


In the course of work, customers encounter situations when their tasks are not completed, or they are hired less often than they would like. In this case, it is worth revising your assignments, evaluating, finding mistakes made when creating them, and editing them.


All the reasons for why certain tasks may not be completed can be divided into two groups: the first group is purely technical reasons, and the second is the mistakes made in the preparation of tasks that scare off the implementers, let's analyze the main ones.

This article is based on the experiences of SEOSPRINT users. After reading it, you can avoid common mistakes and reduce the time for creating new tasks.


Technical reasons for the absence of implementers

Before you start panicking, see if your task is running. Perhaps a task is:

  • not submitted for verification yet;
  • still under verification;
  • already checked, but not yet launched;
  • in need of changes in accordance with the reviewer's comment(s).

  The article "How to create a task on SEOSPRINT" will help to check the status of the task.


The next technical reason may be overloaded targeting. That is, when you set the task, you set too high of requirements for the audience that have the right to perform your tasks. The project may simply not have performers who meet all the requirements you have stated. To check and, if necessary, change the targeting requirements, go to the task card and check the "Additional site parameters", specifically the last four lines:


Another reason may be a lack of money in the task budget. The three common problems from this category are:

  1. You added money to My balance, but you didn't transfer it to the Task Budget.
  2. The budget has less money than you need to pay for 1 implementer (+ service commission).
  3. The task money is reserved for implementers who have already started to implement tasks.

If such occurs, you will see money on the balance (in the task Budget), but new implementers will not be able to implement it.


Reasons why implementers might be scared off

If, after checking the problematic task, you do not see any technical reasons that prevent it from being completed, review it from beginning to the end, that is, from the site title to the Publish button. Perhaps something in the task scares the performers and they do not fancy it.

What repels implementers

There can be many things that do so, here we will give the most common ones.


Mismatch of the title to the task description

A common mistake. You give the task a very beautiful and attractive name, but its description does not correspond at all to what the performer sees in the description. Examples (of what not to do):


The title is "Easy money in ten seconds", and in the description you require "watch an hour of video on the channel", or "register for a project, and get confirmation by email".


The title is "Become a member of a group in FB". The performer opens the task, and there is a requirement — " subscribe to (then list a dozen groups)", and then a requirement to invite 40 friends.


Such tasks will not initially be taken up by performers, in addition, they will create a negative reputation for you.


Abstract conditions

That is, the task description is made incorrectly — following the instructions, it is impossible to unambiguously fulfill all the conditions that you require. To make your task clear and look attractive, we suggest you read the article How to make a clear and attractive description of the task.


The requirements do not correspond to the remuneration

No one will leave a review of 1000 characters for 1 ruble. If you are publishing a task for the first time, we advise you to look at similar tasks of others and set at least the average price. Really estimate the ratio of time it takes to complete the task-reward, to the implementation.  A decent task price encourages performers to view your other tasks and creates a positive reputation for you.


Negative reviews

Sometimes, there is a situation that the task was being performed for some time, and then the implementation stopped. The probable cause may be the negative reviews. Look at the job reviews, its reputation, and the reviews on your wall. Negative reviews scare away performers. Analyze all negative reviews, find out their causes and try to correct the situation.
Негативные отзывы


A lot of unnecessary information

Also, one of the reasons why a task may not executed is a very large description, which takes more time to read than the execution itself. Moreover, a significant part of the text does not carry any semantic load and is not necessary to complete the task. Most often, after opening it and seeing a large text, the employee will close the description without even reading it. Try reducing the length of the description. Try to write briefly, but succinctly. Less water, but more substance.


Threats to the implementer

And one more piece of advice: do not threaten the implementer by adding him to the Black List (BL), in case of fraud or any other actions. Also, do not threaten a ban. These threats repel workers immediately. An experienced implementer understands that even if you blacklist him, he will not lose anything too dear - there are thousands of jobs, as well as advertisers. Its just silly to threaten a ban on the implementer - you do not have the authority to do so.


And finally, one more tip: before you submit a new task for review, try to go through it yourself and evaluate it from the point of view of the implementer. This will help you identify all the shortcomings, in practice determine the approximate time required for its implementation, as well as see other nuances that you missed when drawing up the task.


If your task is not completed and none of the above does not help, contact your manager. It will help you understand the problem. We are always open for communication and are happy to help you.