How to Withdraw Money from SEOSPRINT

People who use the site SEOSPRINT live in different parts of the world. And each one of them can get the money they’ve earned. In order to withdraw money, you simply have to earn a minimum of $0.10, indicate your electronic wallet or card along with the amount you’d like, and request your withdrawal. In most cases, the money is received instantly.

How to Withdraw Money

Details about how to withdraw funds:

  1. Fill in your payment details in advance. Укажите платёжные данные
  2. At the upper left corner of the page, click MY BALANCE > WITHDRAW FUNDSНажмите вывести средства
  3. Fill in the amount you’d like to withdraw and choose the payment method you indicated previously.
    Укажите сумму вывода
  4. Verify that the information is correct regarding currency conversion, commission of the payment system and the total amount of the transfer. Click Continue.
    Проверьте данные в таблице
Note: If you choose a wallet, the details of which are not in your profile, the Continue button will not appear. Click on Recipient’s Wallet and enter the information.


A notification will appear on the screen that says You have been paid!. There may be a slight delay before you receive your payment. This is normal.
Выплата произведена


In order to avoid theft of funds and their withdrawal to other people's details, the site provides protection. After changing the details or adding new ones, the withdrawal becomes unavailable for 24 hours. Keep this in mind when planning your finances.


When making a withdrawal, funds are converted into the official currency of your country or the currency of your electronic wallet.

Available Wallets for Withdrawing Different Currencies

This table lists the payment systems that partner with SEOSPRINT. We recommend that you provide your information for two or more payment systems. If the transfer of funds to one of them is temporarily unavailable, this will not affect your ability to withdraw your funds from the project.

Payment SystemCurrency
VISA & MasterCardCurrency of your country
WebMoney (WMZ)USD
WebMoney (WMR)RUB


Commissions and Minimum Amounts for Withdrawal

When making a withdrawal, keep in mind that there is a commission. Each payment system charges a commission. For example, if you withdraw $1 from YooMoney, you’ll receive $0.99 in your wallet.

Платёжная системаКомиссияМинимальная сумма
VISA & MasterCard4%$30,00
WebMoney (WMZ)1%$0,10
WebMoney (WMR)1%$0,20


Interval Between Payments

You can withdraw the maximum amount allowed once a day (once every 24 hours). The maximum amount is determined by your Status

For example, if you withdraw funds today at 11:00 EST time (UTC-5), your next withdrawal will be possible tomorrow at 11:00 EST time.

To calculate the time until your next possible withdrawal, check your payments in Transaction History.

StatusMaximum Amount Per Withdrawal


Reason for Delay of Payment

Transfer via the available payment systems takes place automatically in a few seconds. In rare cases, transfer of funds via ЮMoney and Qiwi takes several days. SEOSPRINT can do nothing about this, as it uses a third party service for payments to these two payment systems.


Note: You can reconsider payment via YooMoney and Qiwi, or take into account the possible delay in the transaction. Transfer of funds usually takes place in 2-4 days.


If after 4 days you have still not received payment via ЮMoney or Qiwi, write to technical support. Indicate the date and amount of the payment. 


Please do not contact technical support sooner than 4 days from the date of the transaction. The payment cannot be refunded during this period.