My Folders in the Advertiser’s Account – What Are They For

If, when you log on to SEPSPRINT as an advertiser, you post many tasks, this information will be very beneficial to you. This function will help you to better organize your work, create ways to access your tasks and not get them mixed up. To do this, the site provides a “My Folders” function, which allows you to group the same type of tasks by parameters that are convenient for you. You can create quick access to various categories or a specific task, thus optimizing your work.

This is very convenient and ultimately leads to an increase in income because you’re spending less time on each task.


The menu item “My Folders” is found in the site menu under “Promotion> Tasks> Management”. 

Найти мои папки

Create a folder by using “My Folders”

When you click this item on the menu, you’ll see an empty field with the heading “My Folders” and the button “Add a folder.”
In order to use the “My Folders” function properly and effectively, you should think about the best way to separate and categorize tasks and how to group them. 

Examples: How to create a folder

Example #1: If you create tasks in different categories (click, social media, registration, registration with action), it would be convenient for you to organize them into folders according to the category of the tasks you’ve made.
Let’s look at an example. After clicking “Add a folder,” a box pops up that says “Name the folder.” Under this line, type the name of the folder you are creating. In our example, it’s “Social media.” Then click “Save.”

Сохранить новую папку

The box closes, and under the heading “My Folders,” the name of the folder appears. If we click “Add folder” again, we can name the next folder. This can be done for each folder.
After you’ve created all the folders you wanted, the “My Folders” page will look like this:

Страница с моими папками 
On this page, you can now organize and use your folders. Whenever you wish, you can add a new folder, delete one you no longer need, or change the name of a folder.
Example #2: If you do several of the same type of task each day, it might make sense to create folders according to the launch dates of advertisements. To do this, you name folders based on the date they were created, e.g. 10/20/2020, 10/21/2020, 10/23/2020, etc. In this case, the “My Folders” tab will look something like this:

Варианты папок

There are other ways to organize your folders. The important thing is that you divide up your tasks into folders in a way that is easiest and most convenient for you so you can quickly open them, edit tasks, replenish an advertising account, or simply stop a task and move it to “Old.” You can create such a folder so you don’t clutter your working folders with tasks that are stopped and not active, but perhaps you’ll resume them at some point in the future. 

Editing and deleting folders

To change the name of a folder, click on the pencil icon to the right and type the new name in the dialogue box that appears.

Редактирование папок If you want to delete one of your folders, click the trash can icon to the right, then click “Yes” in the box that pops up. Click “No” if you change your mind and want to keep the folder. It should be noted that if you delete a folder, the tasks that were in the folder are not lost. They remain in the “General” folder.

Putting tasks in folders

In order to divide up your tasks into folders, go back to the “My paid tasks” page, where you organize and work in your advertising page. After you’ve created a folder, it will look something like this:

Ряд кнопок с названиями папок 
As you can see, a row of buttons has appeared on the page with the names of your folders. Each has its name and the number of tasks that are in it. In addition to the folders you created, you’ll also see a button that says “General.” This button tells you the total number of advertisements you’ve created. When you click it, you’ll see all of them in an unsorted list.

In order to move a task to a specific folder:

  1. Click “Edit task.”
  2. Find where it says “Additional parameters”.
  3. In the drop-down list to the right of “Assign folder,” choose the folder to which you want to move the task.
  4. After you click “Save changes,” the task will move to the folder you selected.

Отправить задание в папку

You can do this each time you create an advertisement as well as when you change one that already exists.