Payouts in cryptocurrency are available

Dear users!

We are pleased to announce that the list of possibilities to withdraw your earned money has expanded. Now money can be withdrawn to cryptocurrency wallets. Now the list of cryptocurrencies is limited to two stabelcoins – Tether USDT and Binance BUSD. Over the next two weeks, a number of other destinations are expected to be connected.


Cryptocurrency is the perfect solution for all those who for various reasons is difficult to use other payment systems presented in the project or convert their earnings in their country. Cryptocurrency can be cashed, it can be paid in online stores, it can be invested or played on crypto-exchanges. Cryptocurrency is also easy to store. This is especially true for stabelcoins, whose exchange rate is stably tied to the dollar.

We recommend everyone who hasn't done it yet to open free account on the best crypto exchange Binance. Binance is very convenient for receiving cryptopayments from SEOSPRINT and it has P2P tool which lets you withdraw cryptocurrency funds to your card or other payment system.



We changed the functionality of adding payment details to your financial profile. Previously, you could use the new requisite only after 24 hours. Now this restriction has been removed. Instead, after adding a new account, an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to confirm the operation. After this, the new account will be immediately available for use.


We wish good earnings to everyone!

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